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All donations of items, time or your services are very much appreciated!

We will be constructing a 1,500-square-foot Community Garden Education Center that will begin in early 2016. You can read more about it here.

As part of this construction project, The Lord’s Acre Wish List is seeking contributions of in-kind services and materials, including: site preparation, concrete work, electrical system installation, HVAC installation, plumbing, sheetrocking, carpentry, and finish materials including flooring, kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures and furnishings.

If you are interested in donating your special skills and/or materials please contact either Franklin Sides (828-713-6945 / all4sides@gmail.com) or Susan Sides (828-628-3688 / susides@gmail.com) to learn more about the scope of work on this 1500-square-foot building. 

We were wondering out loud today how awesome it would be if there were a community member(s) who wanted to volunteer to weedeat 1-4 times a month. Weedeating takes us just over an hour a week and that’s time we could be growing food. It would be an awesome gift to the garden and would be much appreciated. If you are interested contact thelordsacre@gmail.com

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