Volunteer Risk Management Policy

For The Lord’s Acre Garden

Fairview, NC 28730

The aim of the Lord’s Acre Garden is to provide and maintain a safe working environment, with the goal being, an accident-free workplace. We recognize and accept our duty to protect the safety of all individuals. While garden management will do all that is within its powers to ensure the safety of volunteers, it is recognized that safety in the garden is the responsibility of each and every individual person who choose to work there. If a volunteer feels unsafe performing any task then it is their duty to report this to the person in charge.


  • Children under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied and supervised by an adult. That adult is responsible for the child’s safety.
  • The Lord’s Acre is an alcohol-free, smoke-free, drug-free, and weapon-free environment.
  • It is The Lord’s Acre’s policy to maintain an environment free of harassment and discrimination, which includes actions as well as words.
  • We support a safety policy that includes preventing injuries by providing periodic safety training.
  • Everyone must wash and sanitize their hands after using the restroom, with the soap, water and/or sanitizer provided. Everyone should also wash and sanitize their hands after blowing their nose or coughing.
  • There is a commercial portable toilet available on the premises.
  • A first aid kit for treating minor wounds is on hand and is located in the garden shed.
  • Volunteers are asked to bring their own drinking water, snacks and sunscreen.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to make sure they stay hydrated and are responsible for protecting themselves from exposure to summer heat and sun.
  • Pets are not allowed in the garden.
  • The garden is surrounded by electric fencing. We intend to turn it off during work hours but please use caution.
  • Volunteers may use an array of sharp tools. Please use caution when selecting and using tools, when working next to others and when returning tools to their proper place.
  • No one will work in the garden if there is lightning.
  • While we use only products that are in accordance with organic principles, the shed does contain other products such as chlorine bleach, which are used to disinfect tools. We ask that you seek assistance before handling any product at the garden.
  • Volunteers under 18 years of age are not to use power tools. Those adults using such tools must wear enclosed shoes and eye protection. Goggles are provided.
  • Your signature gives us permission to use any photographs taken of you or your children for Lord’s Acre promotion. If you do not want such photos used, please speak to the garden manager before beginning work.


Please sign to show you have read and understand the above safety policy document:



Signature: ___________________________________________Date______________________


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