We appreciate you working with us!

We are a volunteer-driven organization that relies on the energy, talent, and enthusiasm of hundreds of people.

Please ask your group to arrive at the same time. When you arrive, gather your group under the hickory tree where folks can take a seat before being welcomed and given an introduction to the garden.

The garden manager or an intern will briefly explain a little about the garden and provide housekeeping details before you start to work. Your signed safety policy is due at this time.

Next, you’ll head to the ‘chore board’ where you’ll divide into groups and head off with a garden staff leader to take on one of the many chores necessary to keep the garden humming. During work, feel free to take breaks and drink fluids as needed. At the end of your visit our garden staff will return with you to the tree where you’ll have the opportunity to share your observations and experiences.


To Schedule

Please email the garden manager at to schedule your visit

Confirm Promptly

When you are offered a time to volunteer, please confirm promptly (preferably within 24 hours) or the time may be assigned to someone else.

Please Notify Us If You Have to Cancel

If you must cancel your visit, or if the number of volunteers drops dramatically, please notify us 48 hours before your scheduled visit. When volunteers don’t arrive as scheduled, we may have worked hard to facilitate a job that we then won’t have the people power to finish.

Inclement Weather

Call the garden manager to confirm or cancel if the weather might be prohibitive.

Be Prepared

Please read our Volunteer Safety Policy and bring a signed copy to help make your visit to our garden both enjoyable and safe.


The garden is located at 26 Joe Jenkins Road, Fairview, NC 28730, just a few miles south of Asheville. Once you turn onto Joe Jenkins Road, you will quickly see our kiosk and scarecrow pointing you to turn left. Drive through the pasture and you will quickly see the garden.

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Drive all the way up and park near the garden crew vehicles near the playground. Buses and large vehicles should stop at the garden and ask where to park.

Please Sign In

Each time you arrive at the garden, be sure to sign into our Volunteer Log, which is our record of who comes to the farm.

Group Limits

Group size is limited. We are a small garden with limited staff and facilities (parking, toilets, shelter from the weather). Group size depends on age and ability of volunteers. Twenty adults or young adults is our maximum. Please respect these limits.

Details on Group Volunteer Visits

All members of a group should plan to arrive together and finish together. If there are changes in the number of your group, please call the garden manager at least 24 hours before your visit so that the staff can plan accordingly. We ask that all groups schedule their visit at least one week ahead. Please make sure that someone in your group confirms the visit (by email) 24 hours ahead.

General Considerations

When you volunteer at The Lord’s Acre, you are involved in the operations of a large working garden. There are inherent risks, though every reasonable effort will be made to emphasize safe working habits. In addition, these are precautions you can take when volunteering:


Garden work is outside so you may want to wear a hat and bring sun block for protection from the sun. If the forecast calls for rain, bring rain gear and boots for walking in the mud. Note: we do not work if there is thunder and lightning!


Our work is outside and it’s in the dirt. Wear clothes and shoes or boots that you don’t mind getting dirty. We provide buckets of soapy and clean water for washing up before leaving or eating.


Working outside, you may lose more water than you take in. Signs of dehydration include feeling extremely thirsty, slight dizziness or lightheadedness, or a headache. The Lord’s Acre provides potable water so it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle so that you can carry water with you to where you are working in the fields.


The Buncombe County Beekeepers keep several educational hives on the property. In some people bee stings can cause a medical emergency if one is allergic to them. Volunteers groups should be aware of any one in their group who may have this problem and be prepared to respond appropriately. Please bring a bee kit if you are allergic. TLA also keeps a bee kit on the premises. If you are interested in organizing a group talk on bees, contact Scott Davis at


Occasionally we take pictures of volunteers for our newsletter or our website to help us share our story. The volunteer request form includes your consent to the limited use of these images.

For School Groups (elementary & middle school)

School Group Size

The garden staff can accommodate up to a total of 20 (including students and adults) in a school group. Depending on age of students, there should be an approximate 1:5 ratio of adults to children.

Disabilities / Special Needs Groups

We are not yet in a position to provide horticultural therapy-type experiences for groups with disabilities / special needs. That said, groups of 10 or fewer individuals (with 3 or more adults in assistance) are welcome to schedule tours of the garden. At this time, The Lord’s Acre is not wheelchair accessible.


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