Volunteer Opportunities
Everyone is welcome at The Lord’s Acre.

Whether you are a lifelong gardener or have no idea which end of a carrot is up, we would love to have you on board. The Lord’s Acre is volunteer-driven and we rely on the passion, energy, talent and willingness of hundreds of volunteers like you to help provide fresh, organic produce to those who can least afford it.

The size of our garden is directly proportional to the size of our volunteer base, so the more volunteers, the more food for those in need.

Act Locally – Volunteer
Garden volunteers choose how little or how often they can help out. Some come once a season, while others come once a week. Some come to teach and we all come to learn.

Volunteer Opportunities for All

From sowing seeds to harvesting, compost making to pulling weeds, garden volunteers do a little of everything at The Lord’s Acre under the guidance of our professional gardeners and their crew.

At The Lord’s Acre volunteers have the opportunity to:

  • engage in local, direct community service
  • enjoy meaningful work
  • learn more about food and where it comes from
  • meet their neighbors
  • socialize with friends
  • pick up gardening skills
  • enjoy fresh air and exercise

Volunteer Opportunities for All

If you prefer participating in other ways, we have more ideas than you might imagine. We see The Lord’s Acre as a hub from which many other programs might grow. If you are gifted and/ or passionate about food, cooking, nutrition, garden education, children, music, art, community meals, teaching clients how to garden, and so much more, contact us. We want to hear your ideas and we have many of our own just waiting for the right people to plant those seeds.

In recent years one in six Western North Carolinian’s received emergency food assistance. The face of hunger is changing and we can all do something to help.


All volunteers are required to read and sign The Lord’s Acre Risk Management Policy.

– For information on volunteering your group go here.

Our standard volunteer times are:

Wednesday evenings between 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, from Spring through October


Volunteer Opportunities for All

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