How You Can Help
How can you help? If you feel yourself moved to participate in this exciting community, an important place to begin is to ask yourself, “How would I like to participate?” or “What do I enjoy doing that might help?” or “What talents or skills do I possess that might be of use to the garden?”.

We’ll discuss some of the diverse ways folks have participated in the following paragraphs. But many are excited about playing a role even with those questions aren’t certain just what that might look like. Then the question is “What needs to be done?” You might start by exploring this site to get a sense of all our activities.

We would encourage you to visit the garden on a Wednesday evening when volunteers are assisting the staff with a variety of garden tasks.

In the first 5 years of operations, The Lord’s Acre has provided over 40 tons of nutritious, organic vegetables to local food banks and charitable organizations. This would not have been possible without tremendous community support not only from individuals, families and businesses in Fairview but from throughout Western North Carolina as word has spread of our vision and success in implementing this vision! There has been literally 10’s of thousands of hours of volunteering.

You can volunteer in the garden!

Support has come in many forms. In 2010 we recorded 2,500 volunteer hours in the garden and this included ‘children’ of all ages. ‘Children’ because the joy of working in the garden is more play than work and definitely brings out the child in everyone who spends some time there.

But it also takes money to provide so much for so many. Money is required for seeds, starts, fertilizer, tools, irrigation systems, deer fencing, tool sheds and so much more. And once again our community has been supportive and generous as has as number of Foundations, Churches and granting organizations.

You can donate!

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