Grow & Give

Since 2009 we have grown and given away 60 tons of fresh, organic produce. Our primary focus is making sure the folks at Food For Fairview receive our best and largest deliveries every Friday morning during the growing season. This food is distributed within minutes of harvest, dew-fresh. Smaller amounts of first rate produce as well as less familiar vegetables and ‘seconds’ are donated to our local Welcome Table and Share-the-Harvest Market. At the Welcome Table a home cooked meal is served once a week, year round, on a pay-what-you-can-if-you-can basis for everyone in the community while the Share-the-Harvest Market is a pilot program encouraging home gardeners to donate extra produce to share. In years past we have donated to other groups farther away (the Veteran’s Restoration Quarters, Help Mate, and other Welcome Tables) but having three local outlets with varied needs now allows us to distribute all the food we grow within a quarter mile of the garden.

60 tons of food grown and given away since 2009.

  • TONS
Tonnage is an objective measure and a dramatic indicator of impact because it represents “meals on the table” but please note that we are a farm and the amount of produce delivered each year depends on a significant number of variables such as weather, our yearly budget and staff, intern and volunteer availability. We have been very fortunate to this point but realize that these figures will fluctuate over time.
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