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The Lord’s Acre Interships

The Lord’s Acre was created in 2009 to network and build community around the growing and sharing of food. We grow organically on just under 1 acre and have five more acres in which to expand. To accomplish our goals we:

  • Organize volunteers to grow organic produce and give that produce away to those in need at five locations
  • Host SPROUTS classes in the summer for 3-9 year olds and their parents
  • Manage the Gardens That Give WNC group – a collection of gardens in WNC that grow and give away food
  • Work with local colleges to integrate our work in their academics
  • Mentor other gardens that give
  • And much more

Some of our Great Interns

Now in our ninth growing season, this garden has brought thousands of people into the opportunity to collectively grow and share tons of produce each year with those in need. As of our 2016 season we have grown and shared a total of 62.68 tons.

Internship Opportunities

This is an ever-changing, ever-growing endeavor and we are constantly evaluating new and better ways to do the best and most holistic work we can do. We are seeking interns as much for their minds and hearts as for their labor.

The Lord’s Acre does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, educational background, veteran status or any characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.

Internship Opportunities

General Internship/Apprenticeship Information:

Important: Smokers, heavy drinkers or recreational drug users not considered for application.
We cannot provide housing for pets, children or more than the occasional overnight guest.

Duration of Internship: Full-season interns agree to participate in the internship program from the time they arrive in late March or early April until the last day in October. A 1- month trial period is part of the internship. In addition, Vacation time of a week or so is available during the growing season. We accept 2 full-season interns each year and provide education, private bunkhouses (12’X12’), a $300/month stipend, some food staples (beans, grains) and produce from the garden. Summer interns are welcome but we are unable to provide them with housing or stipends. Application for summer internships can be found here.

Work/Experience Desired: Since the intent of the internship is to pass along knowledge, we do not have specific experience requirements. All thing being equal, we may, however, give preference to those with a gardening background or those with a deep interest in food security work.
We are looking for applicants who are:

  • highly motivated
  • flexible and adaptable
  • collaborative
  • display gratitude
  • follow directions while sharing their opinions
  • independent workers
  • in good physical condition
  • have a sincere desire to learn about sustainable food production, hunger issues, and community building
  • value quality work
  • are self-starters and hard workers
  • able to maintain a clean, safe and organized work space

This is a hands-on internship. You will be immersed, get dirty, be challenged, and be encouraged to use your gifts – not simply your muscles.

For a complete description of our full-season internship program, to see our application or to apply, go here and to see our internship video go here.

We are looking for highly motivated & committed interns to assist in the daily & ever changing needs of this amazing and ground breaking organization. This is a great opportunity to learn and be part of creating cutting-edge ways of building community that benefits people, animals, plants & the environment. We are serious and hard-working, yet flexible and fun-loving. If your family comes to visit, we will make every effort to find housing for them for a few days.

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