The Western NC Alliance for Gardens That Give is a group of volunteers, garden managers and other participants representing diverse models of community gardens in WNC that have one main thing in common: they grow food for donation. Our mission is to support each other’s success through the sharing of resources, experience and knowledge as well as to support the startup of other “Gardens That Give”.

No two gardens are alike and that is our strength. Each is community-specific. Though not all GTG do all these things, among us we: provide education for all ages; advocate locally, regionally and nationally for food justice; provide food for the poorest of the poor; have gardens of all sizes; have paid staff or are all volunteer; accept interns; provide an opportunity for service; provide a place for students to exercise their passions and gifts; are a bridge for interfaith cooperation; teach; and get to know our neighbors.

Though each garden is unique, all share a vision of seeing that everyone gets enough healthy food and that community is fostered in the process. Here is a list of the gardens that are current members:


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