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A Fairview Community Food Assessment

Fairview Community Food Assessment

What is a Community Food Assessment (CFA)?

It’s a way to construct an accurate map of our food resources and needs here in Fairview, which will help us to highlight the best routes to making food access and food quality better for more members of the community – and Fairview. The assessment process took place through July of 2012.

How does a CFA work?

Above all its main purpose was to listen. To hear from you, because you are the experts and your experiences and concerns are vital to finding out where we are strong and where we’re weak food-wise – as families, as neighborhoods and as a community.

Why is a CFA important for Fairview?

Fairview is blessed with many food assets and we want to learn from and build on those resources. The CFA will help us, as a Community, to understand, through an open-ended dialogue, how all Fairview residents and their families view their ability to buy, grow, store, prepare and enjoy healthful food. This research will help improve our community food resources in order to better serve our collective food needs and will become a solution-oriented tool for the community.

Our CFA is about more than mapping our way. It’s also a window into how food relates to the issues of hunger, health, local economies, land stewardship, and the overall wellbeing of our community; and will help open communication between all members of the community.

We have reached out through a variety of methods including surveys, interviews, community forums, and group dialogues. The information was collected, complied into a free public report, and kept completely anonymous. Your opinions were used only to determine where we are and where we want to go, food-wise.

The CFA is 100% Fairview-driven, and required your input on a range of food-related topics to be successful. We can be proud, that it’s our “little town south of Asheville” leading the way in Buncombe County, and Western North Carolina. What we have done will become a model other small WNC towns can use.

The historic Fairview Food Assessment is now available online.

Read the Fairview Community Food Assessment Executive Summary HERE.

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Download (PDF, 12.89MB)

We extend our gratitude to Cameron Farlow for her invaluable experience and insight with this project.

Want to know more?

The complete Fairview Community Food Assessment Executive Summary can be viewed and downloaded here:
Barriers to Fresh Food: Fairview Community Food Assessment

If you’re interested in finding out more about other communities who have carried out a Community Food Assessments or interested in doing one in your own community check out the document below:

A Helpful Guide and Resource:

Generic Food Assessment Survey Form for your Community

Download (PDF, 3.49MB)

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