Fairview Community Food Assessment

Barriers to Fresh Food: Fairview Community Food Assessment

There are plenty of ways for us to begin addressing our own needs within our community, without having to make radical changes to the national food system. In the next section we will summarize the fresh food needs of each group of community constituents. The full version of the Fairview Community Food Assessment Executive Summary can be viewed toward the bottom of this page.


Gardeners – some of the barriers folk who would like to grow gardens listed:

  1. Need more education on growing food
  2. Little to no space, sun, water
  3. Little to no time
  4. Unable due to health
  5. Can’t afford tools/seeds

Farmers – some of the barriers farmers listed:

  1. So many people in Fairview grow gardens
  2. Range of lifestyles and incomes makes it hard to structure a market for everyone
  3. We are a commuter town. People leave Fairview to go to work, play, shop and eat
  4. Fairview is not a destination for folks from elsewhere
  5. Have limited profitable local outlets
  6. Land is expensive
  7. Meat farms: no local access to processors
  8. Land-use tax incentive doesn’t favor farms in this area
  9. Hard to get into profitable markets in Asheville

LOCAL FOOD ASSISTANCE PROVIDERS (Food For Fairview Pantry, The Fairview Welcome Table, The Lord’s Acre) – Barriers to providing better service:

  1. Funding limits their ability to serve
  2. Transportation is an issue for many in need
  3. Shut-ins & disabled are hard to locate
  4. More storage space for food (refrigeration & shelving)
  5. Would like to provide more education
  6. Would like to be more accessible to more folks in need
  7. Community cohesion: better dialog between providers, growers, consumers; the community having a better understanding of each organization’s goals; organizations working together…

ALL EATERS: Barriers to purchasing fresher, local foods:

  1. Overall cost too high
  2. Unsatisfied with variety & quality
  3. Transportation: Must travel farther to get cheaper fresh foods
  4. Not enough time to shop/cook/eat at home
  5. Not knowing how to cook/process fresh foods
  6. Lack of a Fairview Tailgate Market

LOW INCOME RESIDENTS: Barriers to eating fresher, local foods:

  1. Too little income
  2. Expenses too high
  3. Transportation is often difficult
  4. Lack of sense of community & connection to community
  5. Accessibility of food assistance resources
  6. Substance abuse & mental Illness
  7. Unemployment
  8. Childcare costs

Fresh Food Alternatives: Our Choice, Our Voice

The complete Fairview Community Food Assessment Executive Summary can be viewed and downloaded below.

Download (PDF, 127KB)

You can download our Generic Food Assessment Survey Form for your community from the link at the bottom of this page: Fresh Food Alternatives: Our Choice, Our Voice A Fairview Community Food Assessment

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