Call us crazy but we believe hunger’s greatest enemy is compassionate and innovative community. And where better to bring community together and create life-changing relationships than around food. Community for The Lord’s Acre starts at the board level. We believe that in order to do good and compassionate work, we have to begin by cultivating a board culture that’s respectful and caring. From there, we can move out to the various local communities we have created or been welcomed into: Gardens That Give WNC, the Fairview community, yearly interns, families of young children in our SPROUTS program, garden volunteers, CRAFT, UNCA, Evergreen Charter School, Ashevillage, Warren Wilson College, Food for Fairview, local schools and the Fairview Welcome Table.

Then there are also those communities which are not local such as North Carolina Community Garden Partners, Come to the Table (RAFFI), Society of St. Andrews (gleaning), Anathoth Community Garden, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Food Faith and Religious Leadership Initiative and many more.

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