Joseph MalinakJoseph, a graduate of the University of Houston, has 30 years business experience and completed his career as a successful corporate consultant and trainer. With his wife, Sarah Elizabeth Malinak, he is co-author of Getting Back to Love and Create the Love You Want. They own and operate Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC; which offers products, resources, and his own unique brand of consultations to assist people to improve their lives via their relationships. Joseph and Sarah believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Although they live in Asheville, Joseph doesn’t mind the commute to Fairview. One of the relationships he is passionate about these days is his relationship with The Lord’s Acre. He loves the mission and the people involved. Joseph has an appreciation for what can be accomplished when people come together as a community to accomplish a big purpose.

Over a span of twenty years, and while raising a family, he contributed to the TM communities in Austin, TX and Fairfield, Iowa. His present involvement in The Lord’s Acre, helping acquire grants and funding, gives him the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of everyone involved in the garden.

Joseph feels that when a group of people with as much love as these folks have come together to create organic food to feed the hungry (with the love and care that goes into organic gardening) – making a difference just doesn’t get much better than that!