JackRetired fully in 2013 after rising to VP of Marketing & Sales & a board member of several joint ventures & subsidiaries. Ended professional career as a consultant, primarily being a technical interface for lobbying and legal issues.

My goals now are to have a balance of learning, volunteer, travel, and family activities. I have found OLLI to be a fantastic method for quite a variety of learning—finance, astronomy, elder issues & renewable energy are a few of the courses I’ve taken.

I currently volunteer at my church serving on the finance committee, acting as the insurance manager, serving at our Welcome Table and supporting my wife Barb who is trying to develop the church’s garden. We enjoy traveling to a variety of places – hiking in Banff, going to Alaska and Italy are probably our favorite trips/places. Have 4 grand kids and keeping up with them is both fun and crazy—they are involved in quite a variety of activities

I hope to keep evolving by getting into activities that I have interest in, can use my “talents” and support my goals

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