Our 2013 Interns

Our 2013 Interns

We are grateful to have such wonderful interns each season. For our 5th season in 2013, we are indebted to:

Erica Dorsey (one year intern)
Charlie Faires (full season intern)
Carson Whitmore (full-season intern)
Jason Grimes (summer intern)
Claire Solomon (summer intern)
Claire Childs (summer intern)

Carson will be rejoining us in some capacity in 2014. Each of them made the physical garden what it was. This year we expanded into a large field area and created contoured beds inside the main garden which added more work. Without them we could not have grown as much food nor sustained as much beauty.

But that’s not all. They also give from their skills, knowledge and talents (permaculture, cooking, art, music, people skills etc) and help us see where we get off track and where we are right on.

Without interns (who work for room, board and education – that’s it), The Lord’s Acre would be half of what it is. Or less. They bring humor, depth, questions, creativity, ideas, and new ways of thinking about the future. We only choose the best of the best and it shows. Thanks to the 2013 crew!

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