These are the folks that made it happen in 2011!

2011 Interns

L-R front row: Kelley, Franklin, Leah L-R back row: Taylor, Blake, Susan, Sarah, Becka Missing: Vanessa

Interns at work

Kelley Hurst (Part Time Garden Manager)

I grew up spending most of my time outdoors and still prefer to find myself outside most of the time. I love just about any activity that takes me into the forest: rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking. I am captivated by any means of connecting with the land so naturally I have always been drawn to gardening. I really enjoy the physical demands that it brings, as well as the constant rewards.

Before coming to Fairview this March, I had some experience volunteering on a handful of farms around Western North Carolina, mainly Brevard. Those experiences fueled my excitement so last spring I decided to pursue gardening internships. Of course I wanted to find a place where I could learn about growing food. Even more so, though, I hoped for an experience in which I could become immersed in a community and work in a small project toward a positive goal. The experience at The Lord’s Acre so far has exceeded my expectations. I love the community aspect of the garden as well as the educational side. I graduated from Brevard College in 2007 with a degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education, minoring in Environmental Studies. I spent several years working as an outdoor and environmental educator so I have found my previous experience very beneficial and easily transferable to working with groups in the garden. The garden is an incredibly dynamic place and I feel so thankful for all that I’ve learned so far, and look forward to the months ahead.

No telling what you'll find on harvest day. Here's Kelley with "carrots in love."

Taylor Hooper (Intern)

Though I grew up in central Florida, that fast-paced culture always seemed very foreign to me. My grandparents (and great grandparents?) were deeply rooted in the Florida farming community but times changed and farming ended in my family before I was born. Recently, through working and traveling outside of Florida, I have met incredible folks who have ignited in me, that latent family passion for farming. The idea of sustainable agriculture in particular really clicked in my head. I had finally found something I could pour myself into. Knowing very little about the area or the culture here in Western North Carolina, I nevertheless decided to apply for an internship at The Lord’s Acre where my passions for farming and community service could grow and be utilized. Beauty is everywhere in The Lord’s Acre – in the garden itself and also in the people that make this happen every day — and I am extremely blessed to be a part of this team.

Sarah Edwards (Intern)

There’s a lot that draws me to gardening, and hence, to The Lord’s Acre: the opportunity to watch life systems develop, being in touch with food, learning from the land…being barefoot for a whole summer. But ultimately, being here is an opportunity for me to bring what I’m learning at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I’m a Junior, outside the classroom. I’m an American Studies major and Creative Writing Minor and though my “career” choices change pretty much daily, I always come back to gardening as a source for constancy, inspiration and truth. I love being outside, and I can’t imagine a much more important job than helping people have access to good, local food.

I love to travel and I’ve always been of the persuasion that, you can plant me pretty much anywhere and I’ll grow. But I think working at the Lord’s Acre has begun to make me really grow, and even though I’ve only been here a month, I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow roots in such rich soil: the community, interns and volunteers at the Lord’s Acre are an inspiration and such fun to work with. I love the way that the garden serves as a center of gravity for the community, and I get a lot of real joy from being here. Outside (or, sometimes inside!) the garden I love: reading anything, writing anything, hiking, my trusty bike, listening to people’s stories and being with the under-age-10 demographic.

Leah McCullough (Intern)

A native of North Carolina, I returned home to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in 2008 to become the Director of Spiritual Life at Warren Wilson College. As a minister in the United Church of Christ, I have served as a Chaplain or campus minister at colleges in Colorado, Iowa, and Oregon. It was this work with students that began my journey into all things food – and food justice. Interning at The Lord’s Acre allows me to continue this journey, exploring a growing call to both “feed my(God’s) sheep” and to be a better steward of God’s Earth and her resources.

Warren Wilson students introduced me to The Lord’s Acre – and I became hooked! I love the people, the mission and the physical space. It is the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing garden in which I have ever worked. This is in part due to the volunteers who keep the garden weed free, but more importantly a result of love made visible in welcoming whoever comes to the garden. It is a joy to be at The Lord’s Acre, growing food to feed people’s physical hunger and nurturing community to feed people’s deeper longings.

When I’m not at the garden, I enjoy hiking or mountain biking a beautiful trail, traveling, cooking, and reading (mostly books about food.)

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