We couldn’t do it without them!

L-R: Susan & Franklin Sides (co-head gardeners), Kelley (full-season intern), Freesia & Mallika (summer interns)

Kelley Hurst

I grew up spending most of my time outdoors and still prefer to find myself outside most of the time. I love just about any activity that takes me into the forest: rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking. I am captivated by any means of connecting with the land so naturally I have always been drawn to gardening. I really enjoy the physical demands that it brings, as well as the constant rewards.

Before coming to Fairview this March, I had some experience volunteering on a handful of farms around Western North Carolina, mainly Brevard. Those experiences fueled my excitement so last spring I decided to pursue gardening internships. Of course I wanted to find a place where I could learn about growing food. Even more so, though, I hoped for an experience in which I could become immersed in a community and work in a small project toward a positive goal. The experience at The Lord’s Acre so far has exceeded my expectations. I love the community aspect of the garden as well as the educational side. I graduated from Brevard College in 2007 with a degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education, minoring in Environmental Studies. I spent several years working as an outdoor and environmental educator so I have found my previous experience very beneficial and easily transferable to working with groups in the garden. The garden is an incredibly dynamic place and I feel so thankful for all that I’ve learned so far, and look forward to the months ahead.

No telling what you'll find on harvest day. Here's Kelley with "carrots in love."

Freesia McKee

I am a third year student at warren Wilson College. Although I’m studying Writing and Gender Studies, I think that growing food in a non-profit community context is really alluring. At Warren Wilson, I worked for two years in the Service-Learning Office, where we matched student volunteers with community projects. Some of the most positive and effective organizations were gardens, so I applied for this internship and was lucky enough to get it. I love The Lord’s Acre garden and learn a lot every day that I’m there. I’m truly grateful for my co-workers, our volunteers and the food that we grow. When I’m not in the garden, I like cooking with my friends, writing poems and reading novels.

Freesia, dead-heading basil, a gift from Sister's Floribunda Nursery in Bee Tree.

Mallika Nair

I grew up in New York City and had never really seen food growing until a couple years ago when I did a work exchange through WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms). I instantly fell in love with organic gardening and have been doing it ever since. I found myself in NC last summer where I heard about the Lord’s Acre project and worked at the garden for a week. I was so excited to see such a project that unites my interest in gardening with my deep seated calling towards community service and my love of healthy and delicious food. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work at this beautiful garden and to live and work with such incredible people.

Outside the garden I enjoy practicing yoga, listening (and dancing) to live music, and trying my hand at a variety of artistic endeavors like drawing, knitting and jewelry making. At the end of the summer I am headed down to Sarasota, FL to complete my last semester at The New College of Florida where I am concentrating in Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Science.

Mallika waters inside the shade tunnel where less sunshine means slightly cooler temps and less water evaporating.

Sarah Jamison

Although I grew up in Asheville, this is my first time living in Fairview. I play old time music (guitar, banjo, and bass) and I also love to read, ride my bike, play in the woods, and make art (especially printmaking.) I found out about the Lord’s Acre while participating in a group service day through Warren Wilson College, and it just so happened that the Lord’s Acre was looking for a fall intern! My interest in organic gardening began in large part while doing a high school internship with the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. I’m passionate about making useful things out of discarded materials, learning the ins and outs of organic gardening, and other aspects of sustainability. I believe that sustainability also includes being responsible and taking the initiative to strengthen one’s local community, which is exactly what the Lord’s Acre strives to do.. Western North Carolina is a place that I hold a deep attachment to and, while I’ve worked in other gardens as far away as California, it feels really good to be working for positive changes right here at home.

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