Who We Are

The Lord’s Acre started out as a group of local folks who were interested in making a difference for those in our community who did not have fresh, nutritious food readily available. Some of us were to some extent farm and garden knowledgeable and some us didn’t know which end of a plant to put in the ground. We had a borrowed plot of ground and a desire to make a difference. For a more detailed history of the garden please go here.

Now in our ninth growing season, the garden has brought thousands of people into the opportunity to be inspired by new ways of bringing people together around fresh food. We don’t believe the “giver” and “receiver” labels, since we all have something to offer and all have something we need. As we like to say, “Everyone is hungry for something.” What we have found is that many are hungry for an opportunity to give, to be of service and to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

What we do believe in is taking peoples’ strengths, passions, talents, and creativity and weaving those into solutions on issues like food security, loneliness, prejudice and the isolation of modern society all of which play a part in why people are hungry. Yes, we believe a garden and the acts of learning, growing and eating food together, can accomplish all that. We believe it because we see it every day.

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