Learn, Grow, Share!

Citizen-Times Article
Recent Citizen-Times Article by Robert Bradley
Giving Extra Produce Away
How to share your excess produce with others in the community.
Summer SPROUTS Program
Gardening for Kids! Sign up for June, July or August sessions.
Fairview Share-the-Harvest Market
Saturdays from 10:00am – Noon. Next to the Fairview Library.
Square Dance Photos
A Great time had by all! View our pictures from this annual event.
Now in our sixth growing season, this garden has brought thousands of people into the opportunity to be inspired by new ways of doing community and doing food. We don’t buy the “giver” and “receiver” labels, since we all have something to offer and all have something we need.What we do believe in is taking peoples’ strengths, passions, talents, and creativity and weaving those into solutions on issues like food security, loneliness, prejudice and the isolation of modern society. Yes, we believe a garden and the acts of learning, growing and eating food together, can accomplish all that. We believe it because we see it every day.

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